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Meet Joseph

Joseph B. Thompson, formerly known as DJ Bling, has been an integral leader in the Central Texas nonprofit community since 2008. Well-Known as a DJ, music industry professional, and Philanthropist, Joseph has been instrumental in advocating for and providing educational resources to economically disadvantaged students and their communities. Joseph is a 7th generation Bastropian, descendent of the Thompson and McMarion families who settled in Bastrop post slavery in the late 1800s. He currently lives in Bastrop with his wife "GG", also a native Bastropian and a graduate of Bastrop High School, and their children.

In 2013, Joseph founded the DJ Bling Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping students of disadvantaged communities with educational resources such as free school supplies, free health and dental screenings, clothes, shoes, food, free bicycles, and other resources needed to attain and maintain academic success. Since 2013, Joseph and DJ Bling Foundation have helped over 11,000 students in Austin, Bastrop, and surrounding communities investing over $1 Million in disadvantaged communities. DJ Bling Foundation also hosted one of the largest back to school events in Central Texas annually from 2013 until 2019 that provided resources, live music, entertainment, and more in a festival atmosphere for disadvantaged communities. 

In 2020, During the COVID-19 pandemic Joseph started the conversation on creating “virtual learning pods” to create hubs for students to have access to stable internet and support during virtual learning. Under his leadership, DJ Bling Foundation hosted virtual learning pods in Bastrop for Bastrop ISD students and also provided free counseling to students who are experiencing mental health effects from the pandemic, virtual learning struggles, and other issues. DJ Bling Foundation also providing funding to provide internet hotspots to disadvantaged communities in Austin. Also in 2020, Joseph and DJ Bling Foundation launched the Family Advancement Mentoring and Education (F.A.M.E) Resource Center in Bastrop to help provide drug and alcohol education courses, mental health services, and other resources to families in Bastrop County. 

Joseph also serves on the newly formed City of Bastrop Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force to examine the cities efforts in minority communities. Joseph also serves on a committee headed by Bastrop County Cares to build and fund a recreation/education center in Bastrop County. 

In addition, Joseph holds a Bachelors of Science in Music Business from Full Sail University, a Masters of Science in Divinity from Liberty University, and he is pursuing a Masters of Education from the University of the People. Joseph also served in the U.S. Marine Corps with tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2002 to 2005.

Why Vote for Joseph? Leadership = Service.

Joseph believes school board trustees are one of the most important elected officials in the country. School board trustees make important decisions that have a major impact on the future of our children which determine the future of our communities, our country, and our world. We need leaders who will make informed decisions for all students, staff, and the overall Bastrop community. Joseph's leadership and continued service in the community make him the perfect candidate for the task.

Joseph's experience with economically disadvantaged communities will help him navigate and lead in a district that is comprised of close to 70% economically disadvantaged students. Joseph believes and lives by doing the right thing, the right way, for the right reasons, expecting the right results and he will bring that decision making to Bastrop ISD which will benefit the future of our students and community. 

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