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COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery

The COVID-19 Pandemic, that forced sudden school closures and transitions to virtual learning, has caused many of our students setbacks in academic achievement.

(Read More)

Critical Race Theory

I don't believe that Critical Race Theory (CRT) should be taught in our classrooms. (Read More)

COVID-19 Vaccine/Mask Mandates

I don't believe we should force our teachers, staff, or students to get the COVID vaccine or wear masks in order to work or attend BISD.  (Read More)

Representation & Diversity

Every student, teacher, and community member should feel as if they are represented and have a voice on the school board.  (Read More)

School Board Election Reform

Part of ensuring adequate representation and diversity on our school board means changing the way we elect school board trustees. (Read More)

Disadvantaged Communities

Disadvantaged communities are severely overlooked when it comes to educational resources. (Read More)

Ratings & Reviews

Currently our TEA rating is a low B (81).  (Read More)

Academic Achievement

The number one priority of an educational institution should be academic achievement.  (Read More)


Teachers matter and everyday should be teacher appreciation day in Bastrop ISD.  (Read More)

District Employees

Every single employee of the district is vital the success of our district.  (Read More)


Learning environment plays an important part in the quality of education.  (Read More)

Community Partnerships

It takes a village... (Read More)


Rigorous curriculum produces the most educated minds.  (Read More)


Education should be the priority regardless of party affiliation.  (Read More)

School Choice

School choice is the right of every parent.  (Read More)

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