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Although our current TEA rating is a B, many of our schools are poorly rated and our academic performance has declined over the years. Many people will say that the current TEA rating system is flawed and unfair. However, I say if that's the standard that we have been given then we must at least strive to meet and exceed that standard until someone comes up with a better rating system and better way of tracking academic performance. It's not just TEA ratings that rate Bastrop ISD as low performing. Almost every rating and review report rates Bastrop ISD as below average. Many reviews from community members also speak poorly about the district and its leadership. 

I believe the success of the city and community of Bastrop County starts with Bastrop ISD. As our community grows, when perspective homebuyers look to relocate to Bastrop one of the first factors they look at are the schools especially if they have children. Although we may not agree with the ratings or the factors behind the ratings, those ratings have a huge impact on the growth and success of our community.

As a trustee, I will strive to improve our academic performance, our infrastructure, and our staff to ensure Bastrop ISD returns to a world class educational institution.

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