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Representation & Diversity

I do not feel the current school board leadership reflects our community now or what we will look like in the future. Bastrop ISD is made up of 76.39% minority students and continues to grow more diverse each year. Our district leadership and staff should reflect the identity of our community. Every student, teacher, parent, or staff member should feel as if they can approach their leadership with their concerns and be heard. They should feel safe and secure knowing they have leaders who will always speak on their behalf which is the true definition of representation. As our community and district experiences growth, our district should strive to be more diverse while reflecting the characteristics of our community. 

When I speak of representation and diversity I don't just mean in race or color but I mean in values, morals, and priorities. Leadership should reflect the values, morals, and priorities of the community.

As a trustee, I will strive to reflect the values, morals, and priorities of our community.  I will always have transparent and open communication lines to listen to every student, teacher, parent, and member of our community when it comes to the decisions being made on your behalf. I will always strive to do the right thing, the right way, for the right reasons to benefit each and every child in our district. I will reflect the high moral character that we expect from our teachers, staff, and students.

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