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According to data submitted by the district to TEA, Bastrop ISD teachers are paid an average of $4,000 less than the state average teacher salary. Our teachers with over 20 plus years of experience are paid an average of $4,500 less than the state average salary of a teacher with 20 plus years of service. Meanwhile our administration staff is paid an average of $5,000 more than the state average administration staff.

As a district we have to make every day teacher appreciation day and make sure our teachers know we appreciate their service by first increasing pay for every teacher to at least match the state averages. Teachers have the most important task in the universe. They sometimes spend more time with our children than we do as parents. Teachers shape the futures of our children, of our communities, and of our country.

Our district is comprised of 70% hispanic students with many of them non-english speaking. Our district has over 3,000 English learning students at yet employs only 65 bilingual teachers. This is one of the leading factors in low academic performances.

As a trustee I will fight and advocate for our teachers first and foremost. Nobody knows what's best for the classroom or the students better than the teachers who are on the front lines in the classrooms every day. Our students education is only as good as the teachers who educate them and in order to attract and hire the best teachers we have to pay them and equip them with the best facilities and resources. We have to get our teacher salaries up to par with state averages and create incentives to attract and retain bilingual teachers as well as incentives for all of our teachers. We also have to get our teachers the best classroom resources, equipment, facilities, and training to give our students the best education in the world. 

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